Terms and Conditions

Copyright on all images belongs to and remains with Leo Rosser and BARLEY FIELDS ( Photographic).

Unless otherwise negotiated images are supplied on a Royalty Paid Basis. The recipient/purchaser has the right to use the images indefinitely for their own promotional purposes in any medium or type of document.

Images are only licensed for the size and format in which they are provided. Jpegs are not licensed for conversion to tiffs nor production as photographic prints though they may be printed out in conjunction with their use as jpegs. Photographic prints are not licensed for conversion to electronic images

Images may never be sold, loaned or given to a third party without express written permission

Payments for images must be made or a valid Purchase Order number supplied before images are released. Payments on invoices supplied on a Purchase Order number must be made within 30 days.

In no circumnstances can Leo Rosser or Barley Fields Photographic accept liability liable for any loss or damages such as might arise from the use or publication of these images nor from the imformation supplied with them, nor for any claims made by a third party in respect of any images so used.