Laura's 17th birthday

(or half a day or for a couple of hours)

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People often email to express their appreciation. Here ia a small selection

Laura came on her 17th birthday.
  For a long time Laura had wanted the experience of a photoshoot. Her parents fixed this day up with us secretly. I sent them the introductory booklet and they kept it hidden until the evening before her birthday.
  She told me she was so excited that she couldn't sleep all night. I think that actually she must have slept more than she thought, because she showed no sign of tiredness in the studio. Nor do her beautiful portrait photos show any hint of it - she has beautiful clear eyes and skin.
  She photographed amazingly - as if she had had several if not many photoshoot experiences. She had but they were all in her dreams.
  I don't think I ever told her at the time but there seems to be a hint in Lauren's portraits of the young Bridgit Bardot. Would you agree? a>