Cathy - superb at being a model for a day

(or half a day or for a couple of hours)
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Carol was just over 60
when life dealt her a tough hand of cards
She asked for a model photoshoot to lift her spirits and bring back her confidence
    Carol had had a photoshoot before and knew how much it could do for her. So she came to be cheered up again
   After her second shoot a friend persuaded her to put a picuture on an internet introduction site
  She received messages back from all over the world,
Sydney, North Virginia - several each day, including one from a young man in the Midlands who said "I'm far too young for you but I love your picture
  You can imagine the effect all this had on her. A couple of years later she told me that she had repalced her wardrobe with outfits 10 years younger.
  Life she now tells me has dealt her a very good hand.