Be a model for a day - a unique birthday gift for ladies of all ages

Be a Model for a Day

(or half a day or for a couple of hours)

  • If you’re not tall enough or skinny enough to be a model,
  • Or you have other ambitions for your life,
  • But you would have always wondered "Do I have the qualities to be a model?"
  • Or would like gain a real model experience rather than just a makeover with photographs,



  • If you think you may may the qualities to be a model"
  • and would like to try it out
  • and get advice and guidance about your future
  • and possibly some useful contacts and introductions,


Visit our Studio and Enjoy :-

  • A unique experience
  • The glamour of the photographic studio
  • The excitement of you own photo-shoot.
  • A lot of fun
  • A completely different day - away from your normal routine
  • Quality time for yourself
  • An ego boost and a boost to your confidence
  • Your own CD Rom with two hundred or more captivating pictures that reflect your best looks.
  • A porfolio of ten stunning A4 pictures to delight your family and amaze your friends

Help and Advice

  • When you book, we send you a booklet of hints and tips
  • on how to prepare , what to bring ,what to wear
  • and advice on how to learn how to pose.
  • We make sure that you are confident and professional from the start.
  • You can ring for help , advice and information at any time

A Unique Gift.

  • Give ‘Be a Model for a Day’
  • as a gift for 18th, 21st, 30th or 40th
  • or other any birthday, Valentine’s Anniversary or Special Day.
  • For Wife , Partner or Friend, to Mother, Daughter or Sister
  • We offer gift cards in a range of prices
    • Birthday Cards
    • Gift cards for all special occasions
    • Gift cards for special occasions
    • Christmas Gift Cards

A unique package

This package is a Modelling experience.

Most packages provide a one off makeover
which is then photographed.

But our emphasis is on creating the modelling experience
which builds an enduring confidence.

With this package It is You who achieve
rather than the makeup artist
And you will always know
that your pictures are the real you.

But to help if you wish,
we can provide hair styling and makeup.


  • Our team includes a hair stylist and makeup artist.
  • You can visit her at her salon
  • as a beginning to the day.
  • She will style your hair
  • and give you a makeover.
    This can be included within the package
  • as part of the price.

  • We have makeup artists
  • who can attend for part or all of the session
  • There is an additonal charge for this service.


  • During the day we take a lot of pictures, perhaps 300 - 500 which
    • gets you very relaxed
    • ensures that at various points we capture your very best expressions
    • gives a variety of different looks and moods,
    • provides you with a vast choice
  • You choose the pictures you want to keep in accordance with your budget
  • We can put a large selection on CD for you to look at on screen or print out for yourself
  • We can put 10 - 20 pictures in a professional A4 portfolio
  • We can put 36 photographs @ 7"x 5"in a handbag album for you to show to friends or put in frames

Outline of the Day

  • The day begins when you are ready.
  • If you have booked the stylist you visit the salon en route (we give you directions and met you if necessary)
  • At the studio we start with coffee or a glass of wine.
  • We discuss the outfits you have bought and work out a shooting plan.
  • We do not spend too long; we like to get you into the swing as soon as possible.
  • After each set of photos we display them on screen and you see them straightaway.
  • This gives us the opportunity to learn and improve orcorrect if necessary in the following setup.
  • Coffee and wine are freely available throughout the day.

  • In the middle of the day we provide a sandwich and cake lunch with tea or coffee.
  • In the afternoon we may try something different in the way of lighting. or you can chose to work on locatgion for a change.
  • Before you go we look through all the shots and you choose the ones you want us to process for you.
  • After you have gone we process the pictures you have chosen to make the most of them
  • We print your portfolio pictures or have album pictures processed.
  • We assemble your order and arrange to despatch it to you or for you to come and view and collect.

If they can do it so can you.

All the ladies
featured on this page
had never been a model
before they visited our studio.

Most of these pictures
come from a first time session

On Location

We have various stylish locales attached to the studio usually available for photography.
  • Kate was photographed in the grounds of the studio.
  • If you visit the studio and the weather is good we can photograph you at a nearby country park with a Jacobean Manor House and formal gardens
  • You can also be a model in a location of your choosing providing the weather cooperates.

Camilla has been a model for a day in her own lovely home.

  • You can be a model in your own beautiful home and we will come to you. We follow the same routine more or less as at our studio.
  • But you have the comfort of your home and all your wardrobe to hand. If it is fine we can use your garden or immediate locality.

What they have said:-

  • You certainly made me feel more happier about myself and any time in the future …… I would love to come over again.
  • I can't begin to thank you enough for the confidence you have given me in myself …….
  • Please keep every single pic you took of me because I adored every one
  • It is a very gentle experience - not like going to a town photographer.
  • Thanks for such a fantastic day yesterday… we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves
  • Thank you so much for yesterday. We had a great time both of us even though I worried that my friend was feeling a little self conscious she told me on the way home that she has had a lovely time. I know she really did enjoy it.
  • Thank you so much for spending so much time taking my photos. It was a real pleasure meeting you and I loved dressing up for the shoot. I am absolutely delighted with the flattering photos.
  • Hi Leo, The photos are FANTASTIC. Will be in touch with our orders soon.

Prices and Packages

The full cost for
  • a full day at the studio inclusive of all refreshments
  • the services of a stylist and makeup specialist
  • or extra studio time if you prefer to do your own hair and make-up
  • with a professional portfolio of 10 A4 pictures
  • all your pictures written to CD
  • so that you can enjoy every shot time and time again,
  • email and print them for friends and relatives


But if that breaks the budget

  • Half a day and a portfolio of 10 A4 pictures costs £155
  • A full day with a portfolio of 10 A4 pictures costs £255
  • Two people sharing a full day and each receiving a portfolio costs £145 each
  • Two people sharing a half a day and each receiving a portfolio costs £100 each
  • Alternatively we can arrange a package for a small group perhaps for a celebration event.

    Contact us and we will tailor a package to suit your needs.

Bring a friend

  • Share the experience with a friend.
  • You’re always welcome to bring a friend either as a participant or a companion
  • You can double the fun and halve the cost.
Claire and Sam